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Polish Music: chords, tabs, audio, video, and lyrics: The Music of Polonia - Christmas Carols - Polskie Kolędy i Pastoralki - Classical - Dance - Folk - Religious - Links and Events, Polish Culture
1. Ach ubogi żłobie - (2:24) 
2. Anioł pasterzom mówił - (2:12)
3. Bóg się rodzi - (2:33)
4. Cieszmy się - (1:51)
5. Dnia jednego o północy - (2:01)
6. Do szopy, hej pasterze - (2:36) 
7. Dzisiaj w Betlejem - (2:24)
8. Gdy się Chrystus rodzi - (3:34)
9. Hej w dzień narodzenia - (1:46) 
10. Jam jest dudka - (1:38)
11. Jezus malusieńki - (2:33)
12. Jezusa narodzonego - (1:56)
13. Lulajże Jezuniu - (2:52)
14. Mędrcy świata - (2:12)
15. O Gwiazdo Betlejemska - (2:56)
16. Oj! Maluśki - (2:14)
17. Pójdźmy wszyscy do stajenki - (1:56)
18. Północ już była- (2:14)
19. Przybieżeli do Betlejem - (2:37)
20. Śliczna Panienka - (2:31)
21. Triumfy Króla Niebieskiego - (1:57)
22. W Żłobie leży - (2:36)
23. Wśród nocnej ciszy - (4:36)
Maryla Rodowicz
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Traditional Polish Music
Polish folk music was collected in the 19th century by Oskar Kolberg, as part of a wave of Polish national revival. With the coming of the world wars and then the Communist state, folk traditions were oppressed or subsumed into state-approved folk ensembles. The most famous of the state ensembles are Mazowsze and Śląsk, both of which still perform. Though these bands had a regional touch to their output, the overall sound was a homogenized mixture of Polish styles. There were more authentic state-supported groups, such as Słowianki, but the Communist sanitized image of folk music made the whole field seem unhip to young audiences, and many traditions dwindled rapidly.

Polish dance music, especially the mazurka and polonaise, were popularized by Frederick Chopin, and they soon spread across Europe and elsewhere. These are triple time dances, while five-beat forms are more common in the northeast and duple-time dances like the krakowiak come from the south. The polonaise comes from the French word for Polish to identify its origin among the Polish aristocracy, who had adapted the dance from a slower walking dance called chodzony. The polonaise then re-entered the scene and became an integral part of Polish music.

Poland's five national dances (Mazur, Polonez, Kujawiak, Krakowiak, Waltz), as well as modern dance, contemporary dance and ballet are all widely performed today throughout the Polonia community.

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The song featured in the video on the right is a beloved Polish-Ukrainian folk song called Hej Sokoły (Hey Falcon). This particular rendition is performed by Krzystof Krawczyk, a popular Polish singer.

Hej Sokoły relates the emotions of a soldier who had to leave his Ukrainian sweetheart to defend his homeland. As he lay dying on the battlefield, he calls out to falcons flying overhead and begs them to carry his love back to her, though he knows he shall never see her again. CLICK HERE for chords and lyrics.
CLICK HERE if you would like to sing and play along with Maryla Rodowicz, another great Polish performer, as she performs Hej Sokoły!
(Guitar tabs are available)
Graj, Panu, Graj!

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 Polonia Music's Christmas album "Graj, Panu, Graj!" is now available for purchase.

“Graj, Panu, Graj!: 
23 Instrumental Kolędy i Pastorałki Treasures”

The album is the creation of Bob Johnson, a Polish-American with a deep appreciation for Polish music, especially Polish Christmas carols. As a boy growing up in Buffalo, Bob was an active member of the St. Stanislaus Boys Choir and a piano student at the Villa Maria School of Music. He began playing folk guitar when he was in high school and has since enjoyed playing his favorite Polish Christmas songs on guitar for his family. His soothing fingerpicking style is perfect for the Polish songs he cherished as a boy. Proud of his Polish roots, Bob hopes to pass down his love for Polish music to his four grandchildren, who join him on this album as special guest vocalists.
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Total Running 
56 minutes, 50 seconds

 "I have a sweet tooth for song and music. This is my Polish sin."
 - Blessed John Paul II

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Polonia Music's mission is to provide an online collection of the most cherished Polish songs enjoyed by people of Polish heritage. It is hoped that the collection will serve as a resource for anyone interested in traditional Polish music, Poland, and Polonia. Whenever possible, video, audio, links, lyrics and chords are provided to enhance your visit.
Cheektowaga Polish Arts Fest: CLICK HERE
Oskar Kolberg
Georgetown University Press has reprinted one of the most important books on World War II. This story jumps off the pages like a spy thriller documenting Karski's experiences in the Polish Underground and one of the first accounts of slaughter of the Jews by Nazi Germany. This is a must read for anyone trying to understand both history and the current landscape in Europe.

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The Polonez (Polonais) is one of Poland's five national dances, and learning to dance the Polonez is
part of the high school curriculum. Enjoy!
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Welcome to the world of Polish heritage music!
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Graj, Panu, Graj!

 Polonia Music's Christmas album is now available for purchase.

“Graj, Panu, Graj!: 
23 Instrumental Kolędy i Pastorałki Treasures”

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W Krzyżu cierpienie 
Lyrics & Chords
Kwiaty do Polski
Prezenty do Polski
Learn more about 
Polish Lenten and 
Easter Traditions: 
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soon to be canonized John Paul II

Three Crosses/Trzy Krzyże ----->
Kaszuby, Ontario