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October, 2013
I was able to attend the Pulaski Day Parade in New York City this year. The day started with a Polish Mass at St. Patrick's Cathedral and culminated in a five hour parade down Fifth Avenue. The parade, which is reportedly the second biggest parade put on by the city, was well-organized and very exciting. It really was  spectacular event; I have never seen so many Polish Americans together in one space! Fortunately the weather cooperated and everyone had good time. Check out my photos and videos HERE.
Bob's Blog:

By the way, this parade marked the first time I was able to report on a major event using mey new smartphone, the Nokia Lumia 1020.  The best part about 1020 is that is has a super camera with a special zoom feature that made it possible for me to get shots I would otherwise be too far away from the action to shoot. If you are in need of a new phone, I definitely recommend the Nokia Lumia 1020.
I ran into the Today Show on the way to Mass. Totally unplanned.

Entrance to St. Patrick's Cathedral --->
Eddie Zawadzki launched his new book on October 12 at the Broadway Market in Buffalo, New York. Eddie always travels with his mom, who was a concentration camp survivor during World War II.

Here she is holding a picture of herself taken by the Germans when she was sixteen years old. Somehow she managed to keep the badge she had to wear in the camp identifying her as a Pole.

If you are interested in Edward Zawadzki's books, click HERE.
Eddie Zawadzki at book launch of his newest book 
"Poles in the New World: The New Generation"
October 19: Banquet in celebration of the 40th anniversary of the Krakow-Rochester Sister City Relationship

October 20 - I had the pleasure of being a guest on Norm Skulski's radio show, "Polish Blood". (WXRL 1300 A.M. 6:00-7:00 P.M.) Norm is a class act and really made me feel at home during the show. Thanks, Norm!

October 25 - I may check out Happy Hour at the Adam Mickiewicz Library & Dramatic Circle. I have been avoiding events that focus on the consumption of alcohol, but I suppose it wouldn't hurt to nurse one Zywiec before returning home. Come to think of it, maybe I won't attend. It's a long drive for just one bottle of beer!

October 26 - I attended the following concert in Rochester, New York:

 Concert of Baroque Music by Il Giardino D’Amore 
 Linehan Chapel, Nazareth College,

They had already appeared in Toronto and several cities in the USA, and his was their final concert before returning to Poland. Spectacular. The first violinist was almost superhuman and everyone truly loved their music. I hope they return someday. I would PAY for this any day!

November, 2013
The big thing this month was the Polka Cruise I went on with my friends from Melody Lane. This is nothing I ever wanted to do, but my friends talked me into it - and I'm glad they did. If you are interested in seeing my photos, go HERE.

What was the best part for me? Snorkeling, hanging with my friends and meeting new people at the polka parties.

I hope everyone appreciates the great lengths I go to and the many sacrifices I make in order to attend Polish cultural events. ;-)

November 22, 2013

I had the pleasure of attending a reception for author and friend, Edward Zawadzki, at the Polish Consulate in Toronto. After discussing his latest book, "The Poles in the New World: The Next Generation", Eddie was presented with the Paderewski Medal of Honor by Polish War Vets. Congratulations, Eddie!

Here I am schmoozing at the Polish Consulate in Toronto with consul Grzegorz Jopkiewicz (center) and Dr. George Jackowski (left). Dr. George Jackowski, one of the subjects of Zawadzki's new book, is credited with over 160 medical patents and saving many lives. It was an honor to see him again. (I met him in at the Broadway Market in Buffalo a few months ago.) Agnieszka Kiesz, the talented photographer who took these pictures, is also featured in Eddie's book. It was wonderful meeting you, Agnes. 

ABOVE RIGHT: Snorkeling was the thing I like best about the cruise. Although a Caribbean cruise has never really been on my bucket list, snorkeling has. Here I am diving for sunken treasure. Sadly I didn't find any gold dibloons, just a box of silver ones, so I threw them back. Oh well, maybe next time.
December, 2013
December is such a busy month. In addition to preparing for the usual season's festivities, I have to practice playing kolędy. This year I intend to play several numbers on my concertina, which I think works well for kolędy. The problem is I do not as yet feel comfortable playing concertina in public, so I really have practice a lot. Here is my schedule:

December 4 - Play for the lunch crowd at Polska Chata.

December 5 - Practice at home.

December 6 - Play for the dinner crowd at Polska Chata.

December 7 - Play at the Polish Home in Syracuse.

December 8 - Sell my CD's at the Polish Heritage Festival to be held in West Seneca, New York near Buffalo. (I don't know if I will also be performing at his event. I'll find out when I get there.) Location: Pines Garden Center, 117 Old French Road, West Seneca, N.Y.; Time TBA 

It's nice to enjoy a few pierniki and a cup of coffee while practicing at Polska Chata Deli in Rochester, New York
Ellis Island Staircase of Separation
After the medical and legal inspections, the immigrants arrived at the top of another staircase at the other end of the Great Hall. This staircase had three aisles. Immigrants who were being detained were often brought down the center aisle. People who were traveling west or south walked down the right side of the staircase. Those going to New York City or to the north walked down the left side.

At the bottom of the stairs was a post office, a ticketing office for the railways, and social workers to help the immigrants who needed assistance. There was also an office to exchange money from their home country for U.S. dollars. No matter where they were going after Ellis Island, immigrants needed money. Exchange rates for currencies around the world were posted each day on the blackboard.