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September 6, 2017 - Czerwone jabłuszko
I was told this was my babcia's favorite song.
My grandparents died long before I was born, except for my mom's mother who passed away when I was only five months old. Sadly I have no memories of my grandparents and I am only familiar with them from the stories told by my parents and my older siblings. I think my keen interest in (near obsession with ?) Polish culture has a lot to do with never having known my Polish-born grandparents. Getting to visit their villages was very important to me. Wherever I went, I felt they were with me.

What's Next?: I just sent in my check for the General Pułaski Banquet to be held at the Millennium Hotel in Cheektowaga this Sunday. The banquet is in honor of sixteen Polish-American women of the Buffalo area who have contributed so much to our community. I mean really, what would Polonia be without them!

And the honorees are: Michelle Kisluk, Wendy Higgins, Alice Rodzuch, Manya Pawlak Metzler, Mira Szramel, Malgorzata Seternus, Urlula Golodolinska, Terri Rivard, Christine Lukaszewicz Kibler, Bernadette Pawlak, Chris Tanski, Maria Zielinska, Monika Zmijewska, and Lisa Florczak.

​Here they are with Pulaski Association dignitaries:
LEFT: Pulaski Association President Brian Rusk presenting Lifetime Achievement Award to the Honorable Ann T. Mikoll, NYS Appellate Justice, Ret.

to all honorees!
September 19, 2017 - Jedliniok 
I drove to Syracuse to see Jedliniok at the Syracuse Polish Home. I love that place! Had dinner their too. Smacznego!

Jedliniok was created in 1975. The group takes its name from a Lower Silesian dance from Jedlina-Zdrój. The members of the ensemble are students of the Agricultural University of Wrocław and other university centers in Wrocław. Not only does the ensemble perform the Silesian folklore, for example Lower Silesian, Upper Silesian, Cieszynski and Opolski Silesian, Beskid Slajski, Zaglebie Dabrowskie, but also from other Polish regions like Beskid Zywiecki, in the area of Nowy Sacz and Opoczno. Also national Polish dances - polonaise, mazur and krakowiak are included in their repertoire. The ensemble gives performances during very important cultural events in the city and it attends festivals, outdoor activities, reviews and university student celebrations. The group has performed in many countries and in different continents, representing Poland in numerous famous international folk festivals.

Oh yes, I almost forgot. Today I unveiled my Polish chair. Someone in my neighborhood a few years ago was discarding two kitchen chairs. I have keeping them in my basement where I sometimes sit on one of the chairs when I play accordion. Recently  I took one of the chairs and repaired the legs and painted it with Polish national colors. Then I applied some wycinanki decalls I found on Zulily and a red treble clef cut from one of my business cards, and lvoilà -  beautiful Polish chair.

Yep, this is how I spend retirement. :-)

Jedliniok performers are all university students from Wrocław in western Poland. They pay their own way and do what they can to make ends meet.
If Canisius College can have a Polish chair, so can I!

The lettering on the front of the chair is photoshopped, but I just ordered something similar online. Can't wait!