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Looking for treble? 
September 16, 2018: Dożynki - Corpus Christi Church. Buffalo, New York
Michael Szafranski, Kevin Pilarski, DJ RED, Bob Johnson
September 19, 2018: Rochester Bike Ride from Monroe Ave to Lake Ontario
September is the best month for biking, nice and cool and the kids are in school. I had planned to leave for Buffalo at 6 AM to do the 46 mile Niagara River ride. The trouble was I could not fall asleep so at 4 a.m. I decided to get up and do a little grocery shopping. When I got back, I went back to bed but did not fall asleep until six o'clock. That meant if I wanted to exercise today, I’d have to do a shorter ride here in Rochester. Here is the video/slideshow…
A place near the river to relax and reflect
Polska Chata: a place to enjoy Polish cuisine
Port of Rochester
Charlotte-Genesee Lighthouse
George Eastman House and Museum
At Eastman House
October 1, 2018: YouTube Videos

If you are a regular visitor to PoloniaMusic.com, you undoubtedly know I post many videos on YouTube and Vimeo. Many of my videos showcase Polish music and cultural events, but others are about my other interests including playing musical intstruments and leading an active lifestyle (biking, hiking and kayaking)... and more. I encourage you to visit my video channels and hope you will subscribe to each. Here are the links:
BRAWO!!! Congratulations to the cast of "Uprising", a play about the 1944 Warsaw Uprising entirely written, directed and performed by very talented high school students from Latham, New York. Here is their page: 


And here is a video of select scenes from last night's performance. 
October 7, 2018: UPRISING

October 10, 2018: Gonna Use My Ballot (Another Bob Johnson Original)

VOTE like our freedoms depend on it!
The deadline to register in person or online in New York State is Oct. 12. To register by mail, the form must be received by Oct. 17. Here is the complete list: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/10/06/us/politics/state-voter-registration-deadlines.html

Lyrics by Bob Johnson
Our country and democracy are on life support. As a check against any individual or group of people gaining too much political power, our constitution calls for a separation of powers among the three branches of government. Unfortunately, the legislative branch is currently controlled by the the executive branch because the Republican majority fears President Trump. They are Republican in name only; it is now the Party of Trump. Our "Republican" congressional representatives and senators fear DJT because they risk not being re-elected if they get on his bad side. To make matters worse, DJT has also managed to encroach upon the powers of the judiciary branch. His recent nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court was likely made to swing the court in his favor in the event of potential indictments against him for conspiracy, tax evasion, violation of the emoluments clause, etc.

This sure smells like authoritarianism to me; an autocracy or dictatorship are in the works! Gerrymandering, an outdated electoral system and dirty money pose an existential threat to our nation. We must, in my opinion, vote for political candidates willing to break this downward spiral. The time has come for us to decide as a nation what kind of a country we want for our children. Hopefully we will use the ballot to choose democracy. 
Please vote responsibly
October 11, 2018: Co to ma być?
When I was in kindergarten or first grade, I remember asking my mother why children are not permitted to use bad language whereas my teacher can swear whenever she speaks Polish. "What does sister say?", my mother asked. I was afraid to tell her but she insisted. "Bitch", I responded. smiled and told me that "być" is simply the Polish word meaning "to be". "I'm sure Sister wants you TO BE good little boys and girls." Phew, I was so relieved. Phew, I was so relieved. 

I am totally enjoying the book "Shoulder to Shoulder: Polish Americans in Rochester, NY 1890-2000" by Kathleen Urbanic. Rochester's Polish community is lucky to have the author as its historian. I picked up a copy of her book at last Friday evening's exhibit at St. John Fisher College and I just can't put it down.

“Under the Ancient Polish Flag,” an exhibit of images and artifacts, is celebrating the contributions that Rochester’s Polish community made to the restoration of a free, independent Poland at the close of World War I.

Sponsored by the Polish Heritage Society of Rochester, the exhibit features fifty images and artifacts documenting the dedication and sacrifice with which local Polish Americans supported the effort to liberate Poland from foreign rule. Vintage photographs and memorabilia from the Polish Community Archives will highlight the service of young men from Rochester in the Polish “Blue Army,” the humanitarian work of local Grey Samaritan nurses who assisted refugees in war-torn Poland, and home front fundraising that yielded impressive amounts for Polish relief.

On display in the Patricia O’Keefe Ross Gallery in the Skalny Welcome Center at St. John Fisher College, “Under the Ancient Polish Flag” opened on Friday, October 5, with a reception at 6 PM, followed by a presentation at 7 PM by Dr. James Pula, Professor of History at Purdue University and a leading scholar of Polish American studies. The exhibit will be on view through November 9 during the gallery’s regular hours (Monday - Friday, 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM).

When the First World War broke out in 1914, Poland did not exist as a nation. It was wiped from the map of Europe at the close of the eighteenth century, divided into partitions controlled by Prussia, Russia,and Austria-Hungary. For Poles, the war presented an opportunity to liberate their homeland from foreign domination. In that effort, Polish immigrants and their descendants in the United States – including the members of Rochester Polonia – played a pivotal role of support. The exhibit illustrates that connection as Poland commemorates the centennial of its restoration as an independent republic, which will be marked this year on Polish Independence Day (November 11, 2018).

So I chuckled when I came upon the following entry relating a story about a Rochester Pole arrested for loitering near St. Stanislaus Kosta Church on Hudson Avenue in 1905. On that day, a fight broke out in the schoolyard between rival parishioners arguing over parish business too complicated to explain here. (Read the book.) This is a description of the trial:​

    One question critical to the proceedings was whether or not the defendant was fluent in English. Although police officers maintained that they had heard him shout an English obcscenity at (Fr.) Szadzinski, the defense attorney contended that the accused was not well versed in English and could not have uttered the phrase. Rather, the lawyer submitted, his client had been observing the scuffle, standing on the sidelines with his hands in his pockets when he inquired, Co to ma być? ("What's going on here?" Certainly, the defense appealed to the jury, the officers might have mistaken the Polish phrase for the similar-sounding English epithet "son of a bitch". 

    The jury found the defendant not guilty.

- "Shoulder to Shoulder: Polish Americans in Rochester, NY 1890-2000". Page 46

Under the Ancient Polish Flag
An exhibit of images and artifacts celebrating Rochester Polonia's 
support for the Restoration of Poland's Independence in 1918
 The exhibit will be on view through November 9, 2018 during the gallery’s regular hours (Monday - Friday, 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM).
Dr. James Pula