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Come With Me and Visit Hell by Stanislaw Jaskolski (Author), Jim Przedzienkowski (Translator)
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Come With Me and Visit Hell [Kindle Edition]

Come With Me and Visit Hell [Kindle Edition]
by Stanislaw Jaskolski (Author),
Jim Przedzienkowski (Translator)

These are the memoirs of Stanisław Jaskólski (87558), (Staś) about his detention in the Nazi German concentration camp Stutthof. He describes how he was taken from his small village in Poland and transported to Stutthof. It describes the treatment of him and others on the way to the camp and in the camp.

The tale of STUTTHOF is a non-fictional story as a literary form. Not losing either authenticity or it’s worth as a historical document. It appears to me that it is more curious than a report in the method of introducing readers, specifically of the younger generation, to martyrdom of lost lives of Hitlerism.

Memoirs and events I lived through (survived) from before 50 years ago in 1943 – 1945.

This book is a translation of the memoirs of Stanisław Jaskólski, Staś was interred in a Nazi concentration camp located in Poland. The p in

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camp was located near the Baltic and the small village of Sztutowo. The camp was name Stutthof. His story is written here as I have translated it from his Polish writings. He wrote about the cam1995, fifty years after being evacuated from the camp and subsequently released.

His writings tell some of the story about the concentration camps. Some of it is familiar some is new for it is a remembered diary of his experiences from arrest to release.

We must not forget the killing of the Jews, Poles, Russians and even the Germans in the camp.

Staś died in 2004 and is buried in the cemetery behind St. Anne’s church in Skrwilno just a few kilometers from where he was arrested in Okalewo.

Jakub (Kuba) Przedzienkowski
July 2009

From the Author
I traveled with Stas to Stutthof twice. The first time in 1978, his first time back after his release from the camp. The second time was in 1984.  We walked through the camp and he teared up on most of the walk as he talked and remembered what happened to him in the place. He said the bunks had as many as eight people in them.  At morning roll call they called out by number and the Nazis took certain ones for the gas chamber. Or those that committed crimes as they decided and would hang them and leave them for days as an example. Stas received a busted jaw from a Nazi as he tried to help a fellow prisoner.

He wrote his memoirs in 1994. I got them in 2004. They are in Polish. I started serious translation efforts in 2009 and finally finished it.  I had to correct all the Polish errors when I read in the Polish version into my computer then do the translation. I tried to keep his words in the order he wrote them and not interpret what he was trying to say. It was a worthwhile effort to get the book translated. More people need to know about the Holocaust and it effect on Poland and it's people. I tried to get it published but the cost for me was prohibitive for me. And as it turned out a blessing since now it can be downloaded to various platforms digitally.  Stas died in 2004 but his wife Stanislawa is still living in their house in Zatorowizna Poland.
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