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Push Not the River: James Conroyd Martin

Push Not the River: A Novel
James Conroyd Martin
"Push Not The River" was recommended to me by a friend. I read it, liked it, and now I recommend it to you. ("Against a Crimson Sky: A Novel" is the sequel and it also is a must read) "Push Not The River" illustrates how the events of post-revolutionary France (The Reign of Terror) contributed to political instability in Poland and divided the Polish aristocracy. How true this is I can't say for sure, but the novel is based on real diary, so much of the novel rings true. At any rate, "Push Not the River" is a well-written historical romance with all the elements of love, scheming, violence, irony, and tragedy usually associated with this literary genre. It also gives vivid descriptions of the customs, culture and traditions of both the rich and poor of Poland during the era leading up to the Second Partition.
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Push Not the River                                                                   Against A Crimson Sky

Good news from a friend the author: Just got a note from James Conroyd Martin.
Third book is finished and a publisher is interested. Keep your fingers crossed!
Check with your public library before buying. They probably have a copy.