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Dyngus Day Buffalo
Blob's Bog: Dyngus Day Buffalo 2015, 2016, 2017 & 2018

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Polish Villa ll Restaurant
Dyngus Day 2015
This page features a hodge podge of photos I took over the last several years on Dyngus Day. I guess this page is more of a blog than anything else. Tons of photos are posted on social media; these are mine: 
New Direction at Polish Villa ll
Dyngus Day 2021: Monday, April 5
Fr. Ted Bocianowski
A big hug for Fr. Ted!

The gentleman featured in the video on the left is Gino, The Singing Bartender. Gino runs the G&T Inn on Memorial Drive, near Peckham Street and is more than willing to serenade you with a Polish song or two.

Thank you Gino! See you again soon.
Here are the other places I visited on Dyngus Day. Remember, this was early in the day. Things really picked up later-- especially in the evening after the parade. I usually don't stay out late on Dyngus Day because I have to drive back to Rochester and I'm tired shortly after the parade. This year I stopped in at lV Stallions on William Street in Cheektowaga to say hi to John Gora, who was performing there with his polka band. Man, was it ever packed! I happened to meet a few friends there (Les Kapuscinski, Jim Kaminski and Jerry Halkoski). Jerry and his wife came in all the way from Wisconson! Imagine that! Les drove in from Ontario: Jim, on the other hand, had a much shorter drive. I hope all got home safely. It was great seeing everyone.
DJ Red-White is very active in Polonia: seen here providing music at Corpus Christi (not the church, rather the social center across the street). 
Great food, music and fun!
Corpus Christi café
Corpus Christi
Gino's G& T Inn on Memorial Drive
R& L Lounge on Mills Street
R&L on Mills Street - (Be sure to order pierogi.)
Dick's East Side Inn near The Market on Lombard Street.
Dick's East Side Inn
Addam Mickiewicz Library and Dramatic Circle, Incc, Fillmore Ave. I didn't see anyone reading, but there was plenty of drama!
True Colors rockin' the Library
Arty's on Paderewski Drive is right on the parade route, hence it draws and enormous crowd later in the day.
The Pussywillow Tent
Stephanie, America's Polka Sweetheart at St. Stan's Social Center
IV Stallions on William St. in Cheektowaga. John Gora draws a big crowd.
Jurek, of True Colors
Nice display at Polish Villa ll
The Marketplace on Gibson Street
I ran into this couple on Lombard Street. Check out the cool vest the gentleman is wearing. He bought it in Zakopane, Polska.
Buffalo's Best Kielbasa Contest
2015 and 2018 Contest Winners

Rats! On the way home I remembered that I was supposed to stop at Pott's Banquet. I had run into Jasiu Klocek, his wife and mom at the Clarence Thruway reststop. He told me he was playing with John Stevens Doubleshot Polka Band, and I thought it would be nice to drop by and take a few pics... but I forgot. Well, like the Governor of Rick Perry of Texas famously said, "Oops!" 

Hope you had a good time, Jasiu, and a safe ride home.

That's it. This page is done! (For now.) More next year...
And speaking of Jasiu...
We're Going to The Broadway Market!

Jasiu, get out of bed!
We're going to The Broadway Market.
Mama needs our help.
Get up, it's Saturday!

We'll help her with her bags.
We're going to The Broadway Market.
Mama needs our help.
Get up, it's Saturday!

Wardyński, Redliński, Malecki, Szelągowski
Malczewski, Chruściki, Mazurek, and SMITH...

One pieróg, two pierogi, three pierogi, four;
One gołąbek, two gołąbki, three, four, or more.

Robert Johnson

Dyngus Day 2016 Photos
Clark Street
At Corpus Christi
DJ Red & White
Śmigus! - from Reymont's "The Peasants" (Chłopi)
    The next morning--Easter Monday--the weather was still more beautiful, the country-side more abundantly bathed in dew, in azure mist-wreaths, in sunshine and in joy. The bird's songs were more sonorous; the warm gales, rushing through the trees, made them murmur, as it were, a quiet prayer. The folk rose earlier, too, that day, opening doors and windows wide, and going outside to gaze upon God's world--on the verdurous orchards; on the vast landscape garlanded with spring greenery, sparkling all over with diamonds, bathed in the light of the sun; on the autumn-ploughed fields, with young tawny blades waving in the wind, and rippling up to the cabins like sheets of water teased by the zephyrs.
    The boys ran about with squirts, drenching each other to the cry of Śmigus!--or else, hiding behind the trees round the pond, they would deluge with water, not only the passers-by, but anyone who peeped out of doors; so that many a cabin-wall dripped with wet, and puddles glistened all around them.
    Along all the ways and about the enclosures, the lads ran, chasing their victims with uproarious laughter, and dead set against the lasses, who enjoyed the pastime as much as they did, emptying pails on their heads and dodging them through the orchards; and as there were plenty of grown-up girls among them, these soon got the upper hand, driving the boys back with indomitable energy. Even Yasyek Topsy-turvy, who had attacked Natstka with a fire-hose, was himself tackled by the Balcerek girls, drenched from head to foot, and then flung into the pond to crown their victory.
    But he, being nettled, and loath to brook such shame that girls should get the better of a man, called to his aid Pete, Boryna's servant: who with him laid an ambush cunningly for Nastka, got her fast in their clutches, dragged her to the well, and flooded her until she screamed aloud.
...Then, taking Vitek to help them, and young Gulbas, with some bigger lads, they pounced upon Mary, daughter of Balcerek, whom they deluged so, that, stick in hand, her mother was obliged to run and rescue her! Yagna too they caught and drenched thoroughly, nor did they spare even Yuzka, though she begged them hard, and ran in tears to Hanka to complain.
   "Complain she may!" they cried; "but yet she likes it: see, her eyes sparkle with glee!"
   "Pestilent fellows! they have wetted me all over!" Yagustynka growled, though pleased, and entered the cabin.
    "Whom will those rascals spare!" Yuszka grumbled, as she changed to dry clothes. Yet she could not for all that forbear coming out into the porch to witness the scene: all the roads alive with noise and tumult, and the whole place thrilling with the hubbub. The lads, frantic with delight, ran about in large bands, driving all who came nigh within range of the great hose, till at last the Soltys, seeing that no one could leave his hut for them, had to put an end to this merry-making, and disperse them.

 Vol.3 SPRING, p 128-131; Translated from the original Polish by Michael H. Dzierwicki, Reader of English Literature at the University of Cracow. This file has been identified as being free of known restrictions under copyright law, including all related and neighboring rights.
Dyngus Day 2017 Photos
This guy is one snappy dresser! 
And so are they!!!
At Corpus Christi
Dyngus Day 2017 Photos
At Corpus Christi Social Club
Aerial view of St. Stanislaus B&M R.C. Church on Dyngus Day 2017
and Buffalo Skyline 

Dyngus Day Parade 2018... and MORE!!!
Chet/Melody Lane
Steve Brown and his posse
DJ Red
Select Dyngus Day 2018 Photos

At Corpus Christi
Corpus Christi
Central Terminal
Pan Kubiak
Dyngus Day 2017 and 2018
One of my favorite Dyngus Day activities is arriving early and having lunch at Corpus Christi Church in Buffalo's Polonia Historic District. I always run into people I know there and I always enjoy the food. Then I head on over to the Broadway Market for the annual kielbasa contest to cover that special event. (I usually do a video.) This year my friends Chet, Daria and Jurek of Melody Lane provided the music at the Market during and after the contest. Melody Lane also hails from Rochester, but ironically I have to travel to Buffalo to see them. Next, I wander the streets and visit many of the floats that are lining up in preparation of the big parade scheduled to start at 5:00 p.m. People like to tailgate while getting ready so everyone is in a good mood. Check out the video on the right to get an idea of the kind of merriment enjoyed on Dyngus Day before the parade and the many parties organized all over town. Good times!
For me, Dyngus Day 2015 started at 10:00 a.m. at Polish Villa ll in Cheektowaga. They offered a nice buffet and New Direction was there to kickoff this year's Dyngus Day celebration with some early morning polka music. I was delighted that the weather was perfect for early April, although that did change later in the day. 

One thing I like about Dyngus Day is it gives me an opportunity to walk around my old neighborhood and reminisce about growing up on Buffalo's East Side. I also love running into old friends and talking about the "good ole days".