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Polish Squadron 303 - The Battle of Britain - Dywizjon 303

Bloody Foreigners: Untold Battle of Britain

Polonia Music
"No Greater All:The Untold Story of Poland's Forces in World War II" by Kenneth K. Koskodan
Fabularyzowany dokument o Dywizjonie 303. WAŻNE!!! Wciśnij CC w prawym dolnym rogu, żeby pojawiły się napisy od 35 min. Ogromne podziękowania dla użytkownika DreamsMovieStudio, za pomoc przy napisach.

"I cannot say how proud I am to have been privileged to help form and lead No. 303 squadron and later to lead such a magnificent fighting force as the Polish Wing. There formed within me in those days an admiration, respect and genuine affection for these really remarkable men which I have never lost. I formed friendships that are as firm as they were those twenty-five years ago and this I find most gratifying. We who were privileged to fly and fight with them will never forget and Britain must never forget how much she owes to the loyalty, indomitable spirit and sacrifice of those Polish fliers. They were our staunchest Allies in our darkest days; may they always be remembered as such!”
— Group Captain John A. Kent DFC, AFC, Virtuti Militari