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Zasiali Górale Owies/Trojak - The Polish Singers
Graj, Panu, Graj!

Christmas CD
Polish Folk Music *** Nursery Rhymes *** Folk Music Ensembles *** Muzyka Ludowa *** Biesiada
Guitar capo position: 5th fret

C   G
Zasiali górale owies, owies,
G7                          C
Od końca do końca, tak jest, tak jest!
          C7      F       Dm
Zasiali górale żytko, żytko,
G             G7          C
Od końca do końca wszystko, wszystko!

A mom ci ja mendelicek,
W domu dwa, w domu dwa!
U sąsiada śwarnych dziewuch
Gromada, gromada.
A mom ci ja trzy mendele,
  F                   Dm
W domu dwa, w domu dwa!
  G                      G7
Żadna mi się nie podoba,
Tylko ta, tylko ta!

Zasiali górale owies, owies,
Od końca do końca, tak jest, tak jest!
Pożęli górale żytko, żytko,
Od końca do końca wszystko, wszystko.

A na polu góraleczek
Gromada, gromada,
Czemużeś się wydawała,
Kiejś młoda, kiejś młoda?
Czemużeś się wydawała,
Kiejś mała, kiejś mała?
Będzie z ciebie gospodyni
Niedbała, niedbała!

Zasiali Górale Owies/Trojak
The Polish Singers
Key of F
Polonia Music
This is a highlander song that is usually associated with the Polish dance known as the Trojak The lyrics describe a neighbor who has many daughters helping with sowing grain seed in his fields. One wonders why these women never married. Perhaps it is because they are quarrelsome and/or poor housekeepers.
Trojak ("threesome", "trio", in Polish) is a Silesian folk dance. It is a double partner dance and performed in groups of three: one male dancer and two female dancers. The music of the dance has two parts: a slow one in 3/4 metre and a fast one in 2/4 metre. These parts are repeated several times, one after another.

Ignoring the footwork, the figures may have the following arrangements:
  • All three move in sync from the same foot.
  • The boy dances with one girl, the second one dancing alone, then the boy switches the girl.
  • Girls are rolling on and then rolling off the arms.
  • The trio forms a circle
  • The boy and the girls separate and move in the opposite directions, then join again.

Here are some examples:

Polonez performing a Trojak for a Polish Day celebration at Balboa Park in San Diego
Zespół Pieśni i Tańca "Śląsk" - Trojak