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Teton Guitars and Ukuleles
I can sell Teton musical instruments at prices significantly lower than advertised if you ask. Email me here: PoloniaMusic@yahoo.com
I am into folk music, so I am constantly on the look out for new and affordable, quality musical instruments. Polonia Music's Folk & World Music Store includes a modest assortment of the instruments I currently enjoy playing or am interested in. I am especially excited about the Teton line of guitars and ukuleles, and I enjoy demonstrating them on YouTube. Hope you find something you like.

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Stagi Concertinas 
love my Stagi-Hayden duet concertina! It has a beautiful sound and is easy to play, Next to the guitar, it's easily my favorite instrument and I am sure you will love it too. I ordered a few from Italy and plan to sell them online here at Polonia Music's Folk & World Music Store. If you would like to know more about the advantages of this concertina and why I am promoting it, CLICK HERE.
- Bob Johnson
Stagi Concertinas
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String Musical Instruments

<------- This one is the STS205NT; just a great guitar. If you are looking for a beautiful musical instrument, consider buying this one: CLICK HERE.

My Teton 
Classical Guitar

 POLSKA guitar straps are now available. 

Here are some of the Stagi concertinas currently available at 
Polonia Music's Folk & World Music Store:
Stagi Hayden Duet Concertina - 46 Button w/Gigbag or Case
 Stagi A-56-N English Concertina w/ Gig Bag or Case
w/ Gig Bag or CaseStagi C-1 Concertina
w/ Gig Bag or CaseStagi A-48-S TENOR English Concertina 
w/ Gig Bag or CaseStagi A-48-S TREBLE English Concertina 
Stagi W-15
MS Anglo Concertina 
w/ Gig Bag or Case
Irish Washerwoman - Stagi Duet Concertina 

You might also be interested in knowing that I am an authorized dealer Flinthill banjos and mandolins. I play what I sell and I am happy to say I have my own Flinthill resonator banjo and a nice A-model mandolin. Flinthill banjos and mandolins are available at Polonia Music's Folk & World Music Store.  In my opinion, these are ideal instruments for beginners and intermediate-level players.
Teton Guitars and Ukuleles


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Buy the guitar in the above video and I will include a beautiful Deluxe Teton Hardshell Archtop Dreadnought Guitar Case FREE! ($119.99 value) 
I love this guitar and case!