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Kulig 2015 * 2016 * 2017 - Polish Winter Festival - USA and Canada
Kulig 2015 * 2016 * 2017 * 2018 - Polish Winter Festivals: USA & CANADA

Looking for treble? 
Kulig, a Polish sleigh ride.

Stephen Flor, National Director of PAC (on left) with Jim Ławicki, Kulig organizer

  • Bottle of Red Wine (doesn't have to be expensive, maybe sweet or semi-sweet)
  • Cloves
  • Honey
  • Sticks of Cinnamon 

Cooking Instructions: 
Pour the red wine into a pot, and put it on the stove. warm the wine, DO NOT BOIL. Add a few sticks (2 or so) of cinnamon, a few cloves (for a 1L bottle, maybe 10 or so) and some honey (a few spoonfuls for now) to taste. Mix. Let it warm up for a few minutes, then turn off the heat, and let it sit for 45min-1hr, so that the cloves will have a chance to let their taste out. Then after a hr, reheat the wine to warm, NEVER a boil, and add honey to taste. 

The end result should be a sweet, spiced wine. 
Serving Suggestions: 
Serve in a mug when its cold outside. 
Additional Comments: 
Similar to Glogg (Norwegian version)
 (Hot Wine) 
Embrace Winter by Celebrating Kulig!

 In the Polish countryside, they don’t fight winter, they embrace it! Horse-drawn sleighs crisscross the snow-covered fields as neighbors host each other with a feast of food, music and drink. The merrymaking continues thru the night as each then joins in the cavalcade to the next estate where it starts over again. Learn more about it here. 

 We at PYTown love this tradition and have worked to replicate it. Last year we discovered the folks at Ma and Pa's in Burton feel the same way we do. When the flakes start flying in the winter months Pa hitches up the horses again for a winter adventure horse drawn sleigh ride served with maple coffee and homemade bakery. 

 When we come we add a little Polish food and beverage as well as the singing and dancing that happens when we are accompanied by Cathy & Tom Katrenich of Living Traditions. I hope you will choose to be part of the fun this year!.
"Hold You Horses"
Polish Family Day
Niagara Falls, Ontario

Kulig 2015 
was sponsored by:

Zespół Pieśni i Tańca Biały Orzeł
The White Eagle 
Song and Dance Ensemble
Toronto, Ontario

More about Biały Orzeł

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Polish American Congress
Western New York Division
More Kulig 2016 Videos: Chestnut Ridge Park, Orchard Park, New York
Woszczak ladies
St. Stan's Alumni
Ivan Docenko

Michelle Michalski Kisluk
Kulig Harrington
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