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Visit  Żurakowski Park at Barry's Bay, Ontario: 
Janusz Charczuk, Iconographer

In the Footsteps of Polish Pioneers in Western Canada
There are approximately 200 locations in Western Canada scattered throughout the provinces (majority of which are in Manitoba where Polish pioneers settled, struggled against the elements, faced many hardships and managed to establish a life for themselves. It was the church that sustained them in those difficult times and left the most visible and permanent mark on the prairies. The church was the centre for religious, cultural and social activities. Only when the population grew and community strengthened were separate buildings dedicated solely for either educational or social purposes constructed. The pioneers left their permanent mark in places such as Zbaraż, Polonia, Wisła, Kowalówka, Tarnopol, Dobrowody, Orlów, Opal, Kraków, and Polska, to name a few. It is thanks o these early settlers and the successive waves of all those who followed them to Canada that we all can thrive and enjoy what we have today.
Source: Polish Heritage Day Program
April 5, 2014
Québec polonais

Biały Orzeł "Hold Your Horses" Polish Family Day Kulig 2015 in Niagara Falls, Ontario
Ray Chapeskie - Radio Kaszëbë
​Farm boy, roofer, seaman, deck hand, hydrographer, cartographer, quality manager.

Ray Chapeskie has been all of these.Since 2008, each Saturday morning from 8 to 10 am, you will hear either Ray Chapeskie or Johnny Kashub talking about the Kashub Culture and people and playing music made by Canada’s Kashubian descendants. The Radio Kaszëbë mandate is to play the music of and cover all aspects of the culture including language, food, forklore, etc. as well as to talk about past and present happenings with the Kashub people in their Canadian community and beyond. Interviews are also part of the program, with Canadian Kashubs telling stories from then and now. Ottawa Valley Heritage Radio
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Brantford, Ontario