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Polish Nursery Rhymes
Polish Nursery Rhymes

Idzie rak
A Polish nursery rhyme guaranteed to delight!

Idzie rak
Idzie rak,
Jak ugryzie,
Będzie znak.
A crayfish comes
Poor fellow
When it stings you 
There will be a mark!

Uciekaj, myszko, do dziury, 
niech cię nie złapie kot bury! 
Bo jak cię złapie kot bury, 
to cię obedrze ze skóry!

Uciekaj myszko do dziury
Polish Nursery Rhyme

Run little mouse to a hole
so the grey cat will not catch you!
Because if the grey cat catches you
he will pull your skin off!

A-a-a, kotki dwa
szare, bure obydwa
nic nie beda robiły
tylko ...... bawiły!

Fill in the blank with your baby's name.

Aaa, kotki dwa
Polish Nursery Rhyme

Ah, Ah, kittens two
both grey-brown
They won't be doing anything
Only play with .......!

Idzie, idzie....
Ślimak, Ślimak pokaż rogi  
Polish Nursery Rhyme

Idzie raczek, nieboraczek* ,
jak uszczypnie, będzie znaczek.

Here comes crab, 
you poor little thing.
When you fall asleep, there will be a mark.

* Nieborak/Nieboraczek =
someone/something poor, unhappy, an unlucky
poor soul/thing

                 Idzie kominiarz po drabinie, po drabinie,         Chimney sweeper walks up the ladder
                 Fiku miku - już w kominie!                               There he is in the chimney!

This can also be performed while "walking your fingers" like “Itsy Bitsy Spider”. I found these instructions at PolishForums.com:

Put your right hand to the left and the left to the right so that palms are facing out.

Then you start putting your fingers on top of each other starting with your pinky and moving up. This represents the chimney sweeper walking up the ladder. Then you twist your hands without losing the hold of your fingers so that the hands form a basket with your thumb sticking out. That's the chimney sweeper in chimney.

Idzie kominiarz po drabinie  
Polish Nursery Rhyme

Kosi kosi łapci, 
pojedziem do babci.
Babcia da nam mleczka,
a dziadzius pierniczka.

Clap, clap, little hands,
We will go to Grandma's.
Granny will give us milk,
And Grandpa a gingerbread cookie.
Ślimak, ślimak pokaż rogi,                    Snail, snail show me your horns,
Dam ci sera na pierogi,                        I'll give you cheese for pierogi,
Jak nie sera, to kapusty,                      If not cheese then cabbage,
Od kapusty będziesz tłusty.                 Of cabbage you'll be plump.

Kosi Kosi Lapci
Polish Nursery Rhyme

Polonia Music
Here is a Polish rhyme in honor of father and son:

Hop! hop! Hop!
jestem, chłop!
Hu, ha, hup!
jestem zuch!

Tatuś drugi,
to nas dwóch,
Tatuś drugi,
to nas dwóch!

Hi! Ho! Hi!
What a man am I!
Hi! Ho! Hi!
A valiant man am I!

My father's one too, 
and that makes two!
My father's one too, 
and that makes two!
And of course let's not forget dear grandpa:

Jestem sobie dziad, dziad,
cóż ja będę jadł?
Pójdę sobie na ryneczek,
kupię sobie bocheneczek,
oj będę go jadł, jadł,
oj będę go jadł. 

An old, old man am I,
What shall I eat? Oh my!
At the market I will buy
A round loaf of wheat or rye,
Then I'll eat, and eat and eat,
Then I'll eat and eat.
Oil painting: "Dziad"
Artist: Małgorzata Młodnicka
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