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Polish National Catholic Church (PNCC) Old Photo Album

Polish National Catholic Church (PNCC) Old Photo Album

This page features a modest assortment of photos of several prominent members of the Polish National Church clergy taken between 1933 and 1944. The photos are from an old photo album up for bid on eBay, and although many of the photos are labelled, the identity of the original owner is unknown. (It is believed the album's owner lived in Buffalo, New York.)  Names of individuals other than clergy are not be revealed.

St. Hyacinth's Cemetery, Dunkirk, New York 
(Lake Erie can be seen on the horizon.)
Looking for treble? 
ON LEFT: Bishop Franciszek Hodur (1 April 1866–16 February 1953) was the founder and the first, and longtime, Prime Bishop of the Polish National Catholic Church. Source THIRD FROM THE LEFT: Rev. Jan Zenon Jasiński 
LEFT: Rev. Jan Zenon Jasiński  In 1914 with the assistance of Rev. Walenty Gawrychowski, of St. Casimir Parish of Rochester, NY, the (Buffalo) congregation aligned itself with the Scranton, PA based Polish National Catholic Church. This church under the guidance of the dynamic Rev. Franciszek Hodur was forming parishes of its own and merging former independent parishes into its Religious community. In 1927 the young Rev. Jan Zenon Jasinski was appointed pastor of the parish. Rev. Jasinski would leave a very positive and lasting mark on this community of faith which, he directed for 24 years. At its synod held in 1928, the PNCC elected Rev. Jasinski a Bishop of the Polish National Church and he was consecrated in Scranton later that year. 

The newly organized Buffalo - Pittsburgh Diocese of the PNCC, was headquartered in the Buffalo, NY parish and Bishop Jasinski was appointed its leader. Bishop Jasinski was a dynamic speaker and organizer; during his tenure, new parishes were organized and societies of the Church established. His untimely death occurred in 1951, and he was buried in the parish cemetery next to Bishop Kaminski. In 1953 the Rev. Sr. Tadeusz Zielinski, another distinguished and respected priest in the Polish National Catholic Church community, was elected Bishop of the Buffalo Cathedral. Source

Incompleate List of PNCC Clergy
Prime Bishop L. Grochowski, Bishop T. F. Zielinski,
Bishop J. Sołtysiak, Bishop J. Kardaś, Bishop J.
Pękala, Very Reverend W. Słowakiewicz, Very Reverend
A. Wojtkowiak, Very Reverend F,
Siemiątkowski, Very Reverend J. F. Zawistowski,
Reverend Prof. S. Mołon, Reverend J. Kotula, Very
Reverend S. Sufladowicz, Reverend F. Banaś, Very
Reverend J. Czyżewski, Very Reverend A. Walochiewicz,
Reverend A. Rysz, Very Reverend E.
Abramski, Reverend A. W. Pietrasem, Reverend S.
Szuman, Reverend L. Aniśko, Reverend B. R. Bąk,
Reverend A. K. Draus, Reverend E. Tomczyk, Reverend
E. Drabik, Reverend E. Brzostowski, Reverend
T. Wosikowski, Reverend J. Słysz, Reverend J. Jakubik,
Reverend P. Gwozdeckim, Reverend J. Janik,
Reverend F. Kaczmarczyk, Reverend R. P. Jasiński,
Reverend L. Wiktor, Reverend S. Niemiec, Reverend
L. Orzech, Reverend W. Fuchs , Reverend J. Chwiej,
Very Reverend R. Zawistowski, Reverend L.
Czechowski, Reverend M. Juszczęć, Reverend Józef
S. Rękas, Reverend A. Wisniewski, Reverend P. K.
Styczyński, Reverend J. Toporowski, Reverend W.
Poposki, Reverend R. Ząbki, Reverend E. Magyar,
Reverend S. Malinowski, Reverend B. Sychta, Bishop
J. Sołtysiak, Reverend T. Majewski, Very Reverend
A. Wojtkowiak, Very Reverend L. Dąbrowski,
Reverend J. Jakobsche, Very Reverend J. L.
Zawistowski, Reverend L. Kaczorowski, Reverend J.
Alen, Reverend J. Gogolski, Reverend S. M.
Podgórny, Reverend P. Kozłowski, Reverend W.
Grabek, Reverend W. A. Hyszko, Reverend T. Rasielewski,
Reverend F. H. Kamiński, Reverend T.
Kozieja, Reverend A. E. Krauze, Reverend B.
Kosior, Reverend Dr. F. Świątki, Reverend F. P. Niemiec,
Reverend S. Stryjewski, Reverend F. Szczesny,
Reverend W. Tarka, Reverend J. Klimczak, Reverend
J. Urban, Reverend D. K. Kulawasz, Bishop T. F.
Zielinski, Reverend F. Siemiątkowski, Very Reverend
E. C. Kuźmiński, Reverend F. J. Woźniak, Reverend
D. Driscoll, Reverend M. Kubik, Reverend A.
Łapiński, Reverend J. Nieminski, Reverend J. Proń,
Reverend M. Czerny, Reverend F. Pilzys, Reverend
L. Dobrzański, Reverend C. Kawałowski, Reverend
J. A. Rencewicz, Reverend M. Gorzelą, Bishop J.
Kardaś, Reverend Sen. J. Jaworski, Very Reverend F.
Rowinski, Reverend P. Stasikowski, Reverend F.
Kolwicz, Reverend E. J. Chrzanowski, Reverend B.
Ciśniewicz, Very Reverend B. S. Goławski, Reverend
S. Goguł, Reverend J. Tokarski, Reverend T.
Kraus, Reverend K. Wilczek, Reverend K. G. Grzesiki,
Reverend E. J. Sobolewski, Reverend J. A.
Nikucki, Reverend W. Liszka, Very Reverend M.
Zawadski, Reverend D. Cyganowski, Very Reverend
J. K. L. Zawistowski, Reverend Tomczyk, Reverend
W. Sienko, Very Reverend Słowakiewicz, Reverend
E. Młynarczyki, Reverend M. Wachna, Reverend K.
Kiesiewicz, Reverend H. E. Meus, Reverend J. Siembidą,
Reverend A. Blyn, Reverend S. Tyburski, Reverend
J. Strzałką, Reverend C. Lach, Reverend J.
Szlagowski, Reverend K. Krysiński, Bishop J.
Misiaszek, Bishop C. Bończak, Bishop J. Leśnia
Father Bartnicki
Ks. Stefan  S. Stryjewski 
Ks. Stefan  S. Stryjewski
Father Tengowski
Cover of PNCC hymnal. Photo courtesy of Anntonette Zembrzuski Alberti.
Easter hymn. Photo courtesy of Anntonette Zembrzuski Alberti
POLISH UNITY AT CONGRESS HELD VICTORY The Rev. Stephen S. Stryjewski, rector of the Polish National Church of St. Casimir, returned from the organization meeting in Buffalo of the Polish-American Congress convinced that the congress is the greatest single victory for Poland in generations. One of 3,174 accredited delegates who attended the three-day conference which ended Tuesday, Father Stryjewski said: "The con gress marks the first time Poles of all creeds and organizations have been united work toward
one goal." He added that it represents 5,000,000 Americans of Polish ancestry. Freedom for Poland "Besides the great value of united effort," he said, "the Congress will work toward another goal it will demand absolute freedom for Poland, freedom from any alien influences, whether they be Russian or German." Part of that freedom, he said, will mean" the regaining of Poland's religious freedom and the right to keep her territory intact. "Poland was the first to fight, to stand up against the Fascist government," he said, "and should not suffer for her courage by having the Russians swallow up her native land." Aims of Organization He defined the three aims of the congress as: To help America win the war; to help Poland regain her freedom and keep her territory intact, and to help Poles in America. After the war he predicted the organization would bring pressure to bear to break the Polish government concordat with the Vatican, which, he said, gives the Roman Catholic faith prerogatives of the ruling religion. "The congress will seek to accomplish for Poles what people of the United States already have," said Father Stryjewski, "freedom of all religions to thrive and avoid persecution." - Rochester Democrat and Chronicle Friday. June, 2, 1944 
Rev. Stryjewski blessing a monument May 30, 1938
Rev. Stryjewski / DRUM CORPS PICNIC
Father Trybuski
Beginning of Mass
Scranton, PA
Cemetery Grotto
St. Mary's Church
200 Stephenson St.
 Duryea, PA 18642
Shrine at St. Mary's
Holy Name Slavic Catholic Church Drum Corps, Passaic, NJ 1940
Drum corps in uniform 1940
Trip to Scranton, Penn.1940
Dzieci Maryi Picnic, Hamburg, New York, August 29, 1939
St. Cecelia Society Picnic
Alma, New York
July 23, 1939
Cute Kid
W.A. Grzelak Art Studio

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As a special bonus, a host of photos from the family album of Anntonette Zembrzuski Alberti, the niece of Rt. Rev. Thaddeus Peplowski, Bishop Emeritus, P.N.C.C. are also included. Thank you, Anntonette. CLICK HERE to view photos.
Rt. Rev. Thaddeus Peplowski, Bishop Emeritus, P.N.C.C.
Bishop Peplowski was born on Nov. 4, 1936, in Albany, the son of Joseph and Sophia (Zalenski) Peplowski, and baptized in the Polish National Catholic Church. As a youth, he received his Catholic education at Our Lady of Czestochowa Parish in Albany and his formal education in the Albany public education system. MORE>
Our Affiliate:
Rt. Rev. Thaddeus Peplowski, Bishop Emeritus, P.N.C.C.
Consecrated Bishop
November 30, 1990
at Holy Mother of the Rosary Cathedral
Buffalo, NY
By The Most Rev. John Swantek

                     Babci Peplowski's Photos -- Church Events
Bishop Peplowski with 
Pope Saint John Paul II 
Dożynki Celebration
Thank you. Anntonette, for sharing your babci's pictures!

One of several incredible wood carvings by the Very Rev. Walter Madej at the 
Holy Mother of the Rosary Cathedral in Lancaster, New York

You have to see it in person to believe it!