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Polka Cruise
Eastern Islands Caribbean Polka Cruise 2013
Ports of Call: 
Philipsburg, St. Maarten 
St. Thomas
Nassau, Bahamas 

MC: John Gora (Canada) 
Craig Ebel and DiVersaCo 
Melody Lane (NY) 
Jimmy K (OH) 
Stephanie (NY)

Musicians from:  
Mass Brass
New Direction
Polka Country
Polka Generations

November 9-16, 2013 

Melody Lane
Ships in the harbor
Bob Johnson of PoloniaMusic.com with Stephanie, America's Polka Sweetheart.
Nassau Market
St Maarten butterfly
French side of St Martin
Chet Banach
Daria: Proof that working out gets results.
Mark: No worries, Mon...
Most of these pics were taken with my cellphone.
Happy, Happy!

Smiley, Smiley!

 Two things to remember: 
  • Nothing rocks a ship more than POLKA!
  • If the ship's a-rockin', don't come a-knockin'!

 Lol: The Blue Man Group complained several times that the vibrations coming from the polka party upstairs was disrupting their performance.
Stephanie, America's Polka Sweetheart.
Here we are getting ready for the group photo.  
Scroll down to view the official photo.

Craig Ebel
Hall of Famer
Hall of Famer
Hall of Famer

 John Gora,
Our Emcee
This recording of "Haniś, moja, Haniś" is on my "Treasured Polish Folk Melodies" CD. The video itself is a gift to one of the ladies who helped my with my dancing and to her husband for patiently sitting out a several numbers. 

If you are interested in my CD's, click on these images:
Thanks for the lessons, Vonnie.

St. Maarten Sunrise
I hope all my fellow polka travelers made it home safely and everyone enjoyed the cruise as much as I did. I am very grateful for having made many new friends and will never forget the experience. I would also like to thank the ladies who encouraged me on the dance floor and to apologize to everyone I bumped while trying to polka, please forgive me. Hopefully creating this page will make up for it.

​As you can see, I am well into the process of posting photos and videos of the Polka Cruise. I have quite a bit of raw footage, so it will be a while before I get it all together. Please be patient and try to visit this page daily to get all the updates. Thank you to all who helped make it such a memorable experience!


Melody Lane
Call 585-314-7751 for bookings
Melody Lane