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Witaj Królowo nieba
Religious Music of Polonia!

Witaj Królowo nieba
Key of A minor

Polonia Music
This video [courtesy of Andrew Golebiowski] is from the All Souls Commemoration held at St. Casimir Oratory in Buffalo. During the commemoration, names of the dearly departed were read before and during Mass and their photos placed on Mexican-styled memorial tables among flowers and candles. Here Fr. Czesław Krysa sings the old Polish graveside hymn "Witaj królowo nieba..." (O, Queen of Heaven We Greet You, or Hail, Queen of Heaven).
Po polsku:
Witaj Królowo nieba
 Witaj Królowo nieba i Matko litości,
 Witaj nadziejo nasza, w smutku i żałości!
K'Tobie wygnańcy Ewy wołamy, synowie,
 K'Tobie wzdychamy płacząc z padołu, więźniowie.
Orędowniczko nasza, racz swe litościwe,
 Oczy spuścić na nasze serca żałośliwe.
I owoc błogosławion żywota Twojego
 Racz pokazać po zejściu z świata mizernego.
O łaskawa, pobożna, o święta Maryja,
 Niechaj będą zbawieni wszyscy grzesznicy i ja.
O Jezu, niech po śmierci Ciebie oglądamy,
 O Maryjo, uproś nam, czego pożądamy.
Uproś nam żywot wieczny, grzechów odpuszczenie,
 A przy śmierci skon lekki i duszy zbawienie.
O Jezu, Jezu, Jezu, Jezu mój kochany,
 Jezu wielkiej dobroci nigdy nie przebrany.
Źródło: Śpiewnik Stulecia Orchard Lake
English translation by Robert Strybel
Hail Queen of Heaven
 (Witaj, Królowo Nieba)
 Hail our Queen of Heaven and Mother of Mercy,
 Hail our hope in sorrow and all adversity.
 We, the banished sons of Eve, are calling out to Thee,
 Sighing and weeping in this prison valley.
 O our Mediatrix, direct Thy gaze so merciful
 Upon our hearts unworthy, ever so pitiful.
 Deign to show us Thy womb’s fruit
 Glorious and most blessed,
 When it’s time we leave this world
 Miserable and wretched.
 Hail Mary full of grace, piety and devotion
 Let all sinners, me amongst them, obtain our salvation.
"Witaj Królowo Nieba" is usually sung as the coffin is being lowered into the grave. It is intoned by the priest, with the mourners joining in.
Aleksander Kotsis 
Pogrzeb górala 1860
Religious Music of Polonia

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Lyrics of the Polish hymn can soar the heights like an eagle, uniting Earth and Heaven or dive into the intimate depths of the human soul Bitter sorrow, lamentations. 
They explore the mystery of God in the arms of a Mother in Slumber on Holy Child or the glory of a final victory over death, as in Fill the earth with hymns of Gladness.

As Poland's Book of Psalms (literally songs), they embody every possible emotion. Some boldly and others humbly and shamelessly speak directly to God, Jesus, and His Mama Mary. 

Songs are Poland's musical catechism. Contemporary versions, like a good mother-teacher root the Good News in the reality of human experience.

Source: "Polish American Heritage Hymns: Spirituality in Song & Ritual", p.6, written and adapted by Rev. Czesław M. Krysa MORE