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Swarni Polish Dance Ensemble - Toronto
Welcome to the world of Polish heritage music!

Swarni Dance Ensemble
Toronto, Ontario
Swarni was formed in 2001. The current artistic director and dance instructor is Joanna Pitek. The group is made up of young children who were born in Canada and became familiar with these highlander traditions from stories told by their parents and from movies.

The dance, music and folklore of the Podhale region are very different from that of the rest of Poland. Living in the mountains, the people of Podhale had to adapt to a rugged terrain as opposed to the rest of Poland, which was rather flat. This is displayed in the dance and music of this region. Audiences are entertained by traditional Goralskie dance - wih men playing the leading role and guiding their women as they fight for their attention. The is also a Zbojnicki dance - traditionally danced by Polish shepherds when they took their flocks to the pastures. Dancers display high jumping and squatting as they battle between their bands.

The group partakes in many concerts and festivals. Their dance numbers are accompanied by live, traditional music creating a breathtaking experience for their audiences.

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