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Zabawa 2011 Polish Summerfest - Holy Trinity R. C. Church - Erie, PA - Wiwaty, Syrena, Gorale Dancers
Graj, Panu, Graj!

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Welcome to the world of Polish heritage music!

Polish Dancers from Erie, PA and Cleveland, OH performed to the delight of the audience.
Holy Trinity Zabawa Polish Heritage Festival

In 2011, the Polish folk dance groups included the Wiwaty Polish Folk Dancers of Erie and the Syrena and Gorale Polish Folk Ensembles of Cleveland. If you are interested in joining, you can enquire at wiwaty@msn.com. Here is an overview of their performance:
Holy Trinity R.C. Church
2220 Reed Street, Erie, Pennsylvania, 
16503-2196 | Rectory: (814) 456-0671 | Fax: (814) 461-1150
Swietej Trojcy Rzymsko-Katolicka Parafia
A Message from the Holy Trinity ZABAWA 2011 Polish Summerfest Program
“Serdecznie witamy i dziękujemy” to our Friends!

Welcome and thank you for joining us at our annual ZABAWA Polish Heritage  Festival.
Our ZABAWA began as an idea conceived by a group of Holy Trinity parishioners who hoped to share with our community a celebration of Polish faith, food, music and customs which were brought to the American culture by our ancestors. The dream became reality when the first ZABAWA was held in august of 1994.

 We extend our gratitude to the many supporters of Holy Trinity Parish who generously and graciously assisted us in preparation for our 18th Annual ZABAWA. These include the churches, businesses, media, organizations and individuals who provide contributions of sponsorships, facilities, goods, services, publicity, program ads, time and talent. Please remember our sponsors when you require a service or are in need of a product.

And we thank everyone joining us this weekend to celebrate our special event. Holy Trinity has been blessed by so many good friends over the years.

Ciesz się! Enjoy!
From Everyone at Holy Trinity Parish

Wiwaty Polish Folk Dancers from Erie, PA.
Wiwaty Polish Folk Dancers from Erie, PA.
Syrena Polish Folk Ensemble from Cleveland, OH
A wonderful and interesting feature of the dance performance was the accompaniment by an acoustic band known as Bob Ureck Polka Relations. Here they are in action:
Dances from the Śląsk Region of Poland
Another Bob Uleck POLKA RELATIONS Video
Polonia Music
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John Gora & Gorale
Looking for treble? 
Looking for treble?